Where is the engine located on Tesla?

When you open the hood of an electric car you will probably say that where is the engine. Where is the Tesla engine location? Or you may also ask whether it has engine or not. Like in internal combustion engines car, it do not have their engine under the hood. So where is actually the engine, more precisely the motor? In the picture below you can see the box like part in red color, have a look at it.

Image by – Tesla

In the figure above, the red colored part is its engines (actually its motor) and it is the Tesla engine location. There are overall two motors, one in the front and another in the rear. This type of system is explained on the basis of model S and is similar in all the models, the difference is only in the size, power and efficiency of the motors. The program is build in such a way it digitally controls the torque of both the front and rear motors on its own.

In the older vehicles all the wheels on the car used to be interlinked in a very complex way. And there was a single controlling system (engine) which allocates power to all the wheels. Such type of engine decreases its efficiency.

In comparison to the older vehicles the engine of the present electric vehicle are smaller, lighter, durable, and more efficient. Such properties of the vehicles improves its range and faster its acceleration. The paring of motor is such a way it rear motor has high performance and front motor has high efficiency which helps to achieve a acceleration like a super car. In just 3.1 seconds it can reach from zero to 60 miles per hour.

Image By – Tesla

How does a Tesla engine work?

As already mentioned it do not combustion engines which works by the diesel or gasoline products. In fact electric vehicles do not have engine. It is the electric motor which helps to run the vehicle. For power source it has a very powerful rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

The model S of Tesla’s car has a super advanced engine. A internal combustion engine has a lot of movable parts which it more complex also it increases the loss of power. But the Tesla’s engine has a single movable part: the rotor. Thus the vehicles make it smooth, silent, and instantaneous. You just have to step on the accelerator and just in 3.1 seconds and your acceleration reaches from 0 miles/hr to 60 miles/hr.

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