Tesla is now no longer the World’s Biggest electric vehicle producer

The Chinese automaker BYD has successfully established itself as the world’s biggest electric vehicle producer. Elon Musk’s company, Tesla, has been pushed back into second position.

According to the reports from Nikkei Asia, in the first six months of 2022 Shenzhen- based company BYD increased its sales by 300% and the total sales reached 641,000 vehicles. While Tesla sold 564,000 electric cars in the same period.

Due to COVID-19, Tesla was forced to temporarily close its Shanghai-based factory for several weeks which was responsible for half of Tesla’s global production.

The lockdown in China didn’t let Tesla produce ample electric vehicles. However, the factories of BYD company are situated in areas that didn’t suffer the extended lockdown period. Hence it continued it’s production pace.

BYD sold 76,607 more vehicles than Tesla in 2022. Tesla has been the top producer of electric vehicles around the world for many years.

BYD is experiencing a vast increase in its sales in the last year. Just in one year, it’s sales have increased to 314.9%.

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