Rolls Royce’s EV “SPECTRE”

Rolls Royce recently launched it’s first ever electric vehicle SPECTRE. Most of the automobile companies of the world are engaged in the production of electric vehicles in order to decrease the consumption of petroleum products. The companies like Tesla, BYD, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, BMW, etc.

Since 1904 Rolls Royce is ruling the world by its highly durable and fashionable cars. The cars of this company is so expensive that only the rich people can afford it. Talking about the durability of the cars, it is believed that the cars since 1904 are still on the road.

Rolls Royce is famous for its durability, the outstanding quality, genuine materials and perfect design. Spectre has all the qualities that a Rolls Royce possess.

Image by – Rolls Royce

According to its announcement in 2021, “Rolls Royce will go fully electric by 2030”, Spectre is the first ever electric car by Rolls Royce. According to the data more then 300 have already ordered for the model before its announcement. The cost of this vehicle is $413,000. The super luxury car is the most expensive electric vehicle in the market till now.

Spectre is one of the most intelligent model of Rolls Royce. The design and finishing of the car is quite attractive. The golden color of the car adds more beauty to it. With its artificial intelligence it is able to compute complex problems and analyze the data also store the information. Several software and systems are programmed in this car which ensures the safe and perfect driving.

Celestial Entrance

Image by – Rolls Royce

On the roof and doors of the vehicle it is provided with small white lights(stars) which gives constellation like appearance. There are total 4,796 stars on the doors which are arranged by the workers themselves by hand. The stars give astonishing look to the doors.


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