Does land rover have an electric vehicle?

Land Rover has ruled over the world through its luxurious cars. Till now the company has launched so many models that it is a difficult task to give a precise count. In 2021, Land Rover is offering 15 different models. Some of the popular models include the Range Rover, the Discovery, the Evoque, etc. But in the present world each and every companies of the world is going electric. So the question arises whether land rover has electric vehicle or not. If not will it launch any EVs? And if it has any plan to launch then when is the company going to launch?

Till now Land Rover has not any electric vehicles launched. The company has its gasoline vehicles more popular in the market among the celebrities. The vehicle is famous for its luxury and comfort.

Does it have any plan to go Electric?

Since the world now a days is more careful about environment and applying the possible measures to mitigate climate change. The means of transportation should be also clean. For that almost all the automobiles companies of the world are focused on manufacturing of electric vehicle. The companies like BYD, Tesla, Porche, Ford, etc. are leading in the production of electric vehicle. And day by day new technologies are made to improve the quality of electric vehicle.

Thus taking everything into consideration Land Rover has also planned to launch its electric vehicle very soon. The company has announced to have all electric or hybrid version of all its models on sale by 2020. Land Rover has aim to achieve net-zero carbon emission across its entire business by 2039. It has also matched the commitment of all other companies to make environment sustainable.

Rolls Royce has launched its first electric vehicle “SPECTRE”. It has announced that Rolls Royce will go fully electric by 2030.

When will it launch its EV?

If everything go alright then Land Rover has planned to launch its very first electric vehicle by 2024. It will be launching six different models of all-electric cars.

Image by – Land Rover

However in 2022, Land Rover has launched it mild hybrid (MHEV) vehicles Range Rover and a plug-in electric hybrid (PHEV) will launch in 2023. Some of the features of the vehicle as mentioned are:

  • 48- volt six cylinder engine with hybrid technology
  • 105 kW Electric motor
  • 32.2 kWh Li-ion battery with usable capacity 31.8 kWh
  • up to 70 miles miles range
  • 434 horsepower

Range of Land Rover’s electric vehicles

The range of PHEV electric vehicles are presented in the table below:

ModelsRange (in miles )
 Range Rover PHEV70
Range Rover Sport PHEV70
The Defender PHEV27
Range Rover Evoque PHEV39
Discovery Sport PHEV37
Range Rover Velar PHEV 38
Range of Land Rover’s EV

The first all-electric Land Rover model: Jaguar i-PACE

The first all-electric model of Land Rover’s electric vehicle is expected to be Jaguar i-PACE. In 2024, it will available in the market. The features of the vehicle is mentioned below:

Image by – Jaguar

Some other specifications are listed below:

  • It can achieve maximum speed of 200 km/hr.
  • The length of charging cable is 5 metre.
  • The gross weight of the vehicle is 670 kg.
  • Maximum load on roof is 75 kg.
  • Maximum towing and unbraked trailer is 750 kg.

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